We at Gatsby Menswear will be your own personal stylist.                                    

        Haven’t got time to pop in?

               Let us deliver your outfit Trunk to you.

        Try on clothes in the comfort of your home.

        2 days to try everything with your own wardrobe and


        Great selection of outfits (special occasions catered for).

        No Postage charges, delivered & picked to your door.

Your Stylist Consultation

Before we ship your first trunk, you’ll have a brief consultation with your stylist via phone or email. This will help us understand your preferences and tastes—all the things that make up your style fingerprint. ( if you are a regular at Gatsby Menswear we should know your sizes, just ask)


Complete Outfits (don’t forget the basics)

Sure, your trunk will have great outfits, but it’s the details that tie everything together. We’ll include a few often-overlooked essentials, like socks and belts, from our detailed collection of accessories.


No Commitment

We only ship trunks at your request, and you will never pay for an item that you don't keep. It's all up to you.

10 mile radius of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK.